Memphis Community Schools

Memphis Elementary Parents Club

Meeting Minutes- January 17, 2018

  • Box Top collection will be Feb 1st
  • Hungry Howie Night is Monday Feb. 12th
  • Amber Jankowski has stepped up to take over the sign in front of the elementary building. Thanks Amber!
  • Big Project ideas: this is still a very ongoing discussion- no decisions have been made as of yet.
  • Bee Apparel will be sold at Carnival
  • PTO Today: there is a conference being held in Grand Rapids this year. For anyone who wishes to attend and learn/network about fundraisers you are welcome. Msg our page for information. THIS IS A KID FREE EVENT!

The remainder of the meeting was about Winter Carnival. For those of you who are new to Memphis; our Winter Carnival is a BIG THING for the kids.... they LOVE IT! Rumors swirled in the 3rd grade hallways about how some were allowed to "finally" walk around with their friends and not their parents. Days prior to carnival, you can feel the excitement in the building. It is a TON of work on the parent club members who coordinate it all, but it is so worth it the night of.

We are glad to say we've had another great carnival and look forward to next years. In the meantime, should you see any parents that volunteered their time, please give them a huge THANK YOU. Without the volunteers an event like this wouldn't be as successful. THANK YOU, PARENTS, VOLUNTEERS AND PARENT CLUB MEMBERS! We rocked it this year!